We get your product from the shelf to the customer’s table.

We are a full-service culinary branding agency headquartered outside London, Ontario, specializing in design and marketing for the food industry.


HI! I’m Amanda DeVries, RGD. Welcome to Eye Candy Design.

After thirteen years running my own graphic design company, I decided to follow my passion for the culinary arts by founding Eye Candy. Using my experience and intuition in excavating a brand’s DNA — whether it is an aspiring startup or an older unknown, and together with my team, our job is to help the creators behind some of the world’s best-tasting foods with branding and packaging that’s just as much of a delight to the eye as it is to the palate. All you have to do is let us in on your dreams... and maybe let us snack a little!

A tasteful approach to food packaging and branding

What happens when you combine fresh ingredients, loving preparation and an innovative recipe?

Absolutely nothing if no one has a chance to try the end result!

Competition in the packaged food industry gets pretty saucy, and you need that special something something to grab the attention of both the retailers who choose which products to stock and the shoppers stuffing their carts.

That’s where we come in: when it comes to your creations, we’re the big mama who’s not satisfied till everyone’s helped themselves to seconds and thirds of the good stuff.

Eye Candy’s culinary branding experts work closely with artisanal food makers, chefs, bakers and restaurateurs to create those:




We help with art direction, logos, packaging, marketing collateral and more, all with a tasteful and iconic simplicity that can compete in shoppers’ minds with the most recognizable brands in the industry.

Yes, we take reservations


We bring over a decade of experience working with companies in every niche you can imagine: simply put, we know what works. I (Amanda) have a background in graphic design, project management and engineering. That means that as much as a beautifully-designed package makes my heart sing, I also slave over the oven: we deliver on-time and on-budget, meaning you can stay focused doing that voodoo you do turning simple ingredients into spellbinding concoctions.

Good culinary branding’s like good cuisine. You can explain it all you want, but the proof is in the pudding.

I’m so passionate about this whole food business that I also run an organic farm with my husband and was recently prop stylist on a local crowd-funded cookbook. I can guarantee you’ll feel the difference when you work with people who love your product as much you do.


Let’s go beyond the label to find value, build a strategy, and work together to get your product off the shelf and onto the table!

Call me (226-927-0771) or email me and let’s start chatting!