Branding Projects


Coffee Shop/Espresso Bar Visual Identity

In a small town where the only option is commodity coffee, I was approached to create branding for a new coffee shop featuring directly-traded specialty coffee. Drawing from the deep history of the city with its roots in the train industry, the name Streamliners was chosen, harking back to the fabulous Art Deco period.

The result was an iconic look that perfectly illustrates the rich history and upscale yet friendly vibe.


Rebrand of local food bank

The Kanata Food Cupboard had an outdated brand and visual identity. Given that the community is largely comprised of well-heeled technology workers, the food bank had a mandate to spread the word that there were indeed people locally who struggled financially, a fact not well-known to Kanata’s residents.

The challenge however was that many of the long-standing volunteers were attached to the existing brand and unwilling to entertain the idea of a refresh. Careful consideration was made during the design process of their misgivings toward the project.

The final design was presented to the director and volunteer group and met with immediate and grateful approval. The group were quick to say that they were very happy that the new design both looked fresh and memorable and yet still respected the origins and culture of the organization.

The new brand came with a manual for appropriate use, suitable typography and complementary colour palettes.


Bakery Visual Identity

In this case, the client has already tried, and been disappointed by, an online economy website promising cheap logo design. Upon realizing how important it was to have a logo that perfectly captured her aesthetic - in this case a fine arts major turned professional baker - she asked me to create a luxe look with minimal fuss. The result looks great stamped on cake boxes and embroidered on aprons.


Specialty Cattle Farm Logo

Hereford’s are a special breed of cattle with distinctive colouring and gentle temperament. Given that they are a highly desirable breed, this farm that has been selectively breeding for 25 years, wanted a visual identity with which to promote stock sales and the grass-fed beef they have available for sale seasonally. From visual identity to website to photography art direction, we created a full package of promotional materials for the farm

Other Branding Projects