we're serving up fresh and iconic designs for the restaurants, producers, artisans and manufacturers who give the world its flavour

Design that creates those “Gotta try that” moments, those “Dang that looks delicious” snap decisions.

We help with art direction, logos, packaging, marketing collateral and more for consumer packaged goods (CPGs), all with a powerful simplicity that can compete in shoppers’ minds with the most recognizable brands in the industry.

We get your product into the shopping cart, whether it’s in-store or online.

As more shoppers make their food and drink purchases online, your branding needs to be as appealing on screens as it is on shelves. We fuse the essentials of traditional design with the latest digital trends to create a unique recipe for cross-platform results.

bake shop studio photo courtesy of HRM Photography Inc.; CREEK SHORE FARMS PHOTOS COURTESY OF RYAN THIESSEN; 
BARHAVEN FARM PHOTO COURTESY OF SHUTTER STUDIOS; all others by amanda devries of eye candy design

consumer packaged good design by eye candy design
amanda devries, RGD